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MJR Recommended Purchasers

Below are some of the programs we use and recommend you to use. Some are free and other requires you to purchase a copy. All will improve your computers performance and /or reliability.   Some items if you purchase from here MJR Computer Services will receive a commission and for some we don’t. No matter which program you choose or how many times you buy it, none pay enough commission to allow me to retire to the Sunshine Coast and live the dream. Click the boxes to the right of the text to purchase direct from the website or find out more information. If you would like a personal reference than contact Mike on the numbers on the contacts page.

Xara Web site creation software.

This program is what we use to right and update this website. It is an off-line editor and can update to many web hosting sites. You can write as many websites as you like and has templates included for the price.

Crazy Domains.

MJR is hosted by Crazy domains and Smartyhost. www.mjr.net.au and www.mjrservices.com.au The .net is Smartyhost and the .com by Crazy. You can see the speed differences of the two hosting companies. the price is about double on Smartyhost than Crazy. You deicide if you require speed over cost. Both work very well. Crazy domains also host the temporary MJR websites to testing.

Private Internet Access.

If you want or need to encrypt your internet information then you need to use a VPN service. We use PIA in our demonstration. Feel free to trial
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