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Computer Repair
We Custom build computer systems to suit your exact requirements.

Enhanced Construction and Assembly

Proper heatsink compound on CPU boards and other internal PCB components. Re positioning of internal cooling fans and if required hard drive mounting and position, Blocking of computer case vent holes in order to re direct cooling air for more efficient cooling of computer components resulting in a cleaner and reduced level of dust on critical electronic components.

Heatsink Compound

Mother board manufactures install heatsinks on many components in their computer and electronic boards including over-clocked video cards. Various methods are employed to attach the heatsinks to their components. Many “just stick” or glue the heatsink component onto the electronic motherboard or power PCB. This incorrect or far from ideal application method could further damage your computer motherboard or electronic control card. This is better than not having a heatsink but not ideal. The proper application of heatsink compound is messy, time consuming and more expensive but for long life and trouble free operation it is worth doing. We remove the old heatsink compound and clean the area with isopropanol alcohol, dry and inspect the PCB for any contaminants or dry solder joints  or other potential faults. Then reassemble the card or mother board with new recommended heatsink compound. MJR Instrument Services and I personally have been using the same Unick silicon heat transfer compound for over forty years and have never had any trouble with it apart from being messy if you are not careful. Note to whom may have read this far, Not the same tube.

Extra Hard Disk Drive Cooling Fan

All hard drives receive extra cooling via careful placement of the system cooling fan. This helps prevent the hard drive electronics from over heating and creating hot spots which in tern cause’s the chassis to warp. Extra cooling helps keep the hard disk spindle bearing cool preventing premature failure. All large mechanical hard disk drive and especially the higher speed performance drives require extra cooling. Solid State Drives with there increasing density and higher power requirements require special cooling requirements to keep their electronic control chips cool helps to prevent data loss and timing failures.

Hi Power, Power Supplies

Most computers will run with a 250 watt power supply but this doesn't leave any room for error. We use 400 or 450 Watt supplies for that extra stability. We find the computers are more stable and less prone to freezing or resetting due to power fluctuations. 450 watt supplies have that little bit extra. All power rails are measured to ensure they are well within specification when the computer is idle and under load. We have multimeter’s and we know how to use them.

System Cooling Fan

Most computer mother boards (PCB’s) have a system cooling fan connection but very few builders utilize it. We install the system cooling fan to help ensure the excessive heat from components and heatsinks are properly dispersed. In addition we mount the cooling fan parallel to the mother PCB. This has the effect of cooling the voltage regulators and the smoothing capacitors. a lot of mother boards are failing after a couple of years. The main reason is the smoothing capacitors are heating up and drying out causing slow boot times and computer lock-ups. You can tell if you system is suffering from this if you look at the capacitors on your mother board. The capacitors should be flat on top. If they are domed or a crusty substance has formed on top the it won't be long before it fails.  You could be experiencing lock-ups or rebooting problems now.

24 Hour Burn in

All system are run for 24 Hours to ensure all those little problems are ironed out


All software and drivers are loaded into the operating system. Other companies may hand over a large intimidating box of disks and expect you to install the software by yourself. MJR Computer Services will still give you a big box of disks , but all the software is pre installed for you. Will it cost more In a word YES. If your after a cheap computer there are lots of computer shops around that will happily sell you a cheap computer but If you need a reliable computer system that will last you for years then come and talk to me.

System Re Builds

If you have one of these cheap systems that is causing you trouble, Locking up, rebooting switching off or just very slow. We can re-build  and have  a look and advise you what needs to be done to bring it back to a being a reliable computer system.

GWX Removal

How to get rid of the Get Windows Ten upgrade offers. Those annoying windows 10 upgrades are driving everyone crazy. Use the link here to download a great little program to remove the windows X upgrade from you computer. look for the link at the bottom of the good web sites hacking box.

Power Protection For IT Systems.

Power disruptions come in many forms, Voltage spikes, Brownouts, Surges. These power fluctuations have the potential to cause massive damage to your computer systems and electronic control systems. We can tailor a filter and UPS package to protect your equipment. Our most popular filter is the EP240-10, A ten amp mains filter with four outlets. This unit is ideal for the home or business computer system.

UPS Uninterruptible Power Supplies

UPS Sales & Repairs, Modifications & Maintenance. Modified Square Wave, Sine Wave output models. 19" Rack mount. Floor mount. Portable. Full time or Line interactive models. Power from 300 VA to 3000 VA.

 Australian Made Power Filters

The Worlds Most Acclaimed Power Line Filter Supplier of the 'Eliminator Plus' range of Australian made Power Filters for Commercial and Industrial applications. Audiophiles to reduce or eliminate hum and pop,or for the person serious about spike and surge protection for any electronic systems. Power Filters are manufactured by PIC Australia.
An overview of  the enhancements we offer to improve your computers capabilities
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